This is an interesting point that I’ve discussed with friends on this board:

work and work ethic. Dawn, my ex-gf, was scared to death of working in a 9-5 job for over 40 years of her life. In her case, I think a lot of it had to do with lack of self confidence and the feeling that she would never be able to get a good job that she’d enjoy. I notice a dichotomy with MLMs (okay, I notice many dichotomies in MLMs, but this is one in particular) where they talk about how willing they are to work hard, but on the flip side, these same drones talk about how they’re doing it so they won’t have to work any more.

It’s as if a good work ethic is repulsive to them and their entire point, as drones, is to reach a point where they don’t have to work. It’s an odd work-is-bad-but-my-work-is-good attitude.

Honestly, what is so bad about working in a nine-to-fiver if you have the skill of finding a job that you enjoy? What is so bad about doing some hard work? It’s as if work is a bad thing. I cringe when I meet people who have that attitude.

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