The HUGE problem with all of this response

Long laundry list of problems actually is that you are responding as if you were HIRED to be an EMPLOYEE.
That is totally wrong. No, the you are not hired. You an independent contractor….that is the big LIE of MLM haters – that you are an employee that is hired and therefore you deserve some kind of ‘favors’ as it were.

And for the record. NO, this was not a sales pitch and NO I am not talking about training materials at all. But rather the right people to learn from that are doing it correctly. It’s a paradigm shift.

You guys are so set that this is a ‘sales pitch’ and that I am PRO-MLM that you are only twisting around my words and coming to your own conclusions that fit you way of thinking. Thanks for that. Maybe you should try asking instead of assuming….and we all know what assuming does, right?

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