No problem PW, thank you

Thanks Hal for all your suggestions and everyone. It’s alot of info to go thru, but I got it. I had my hair dresser and my contractor on my case about the arbonne mlm to,lol. No one led up on me:) So everyone helped out, even people I didn’t expect.

I will call my friend who still goes to that spa so she can give them the ideas. The spa is in a plaza type situation so I am sure they have rent a cops. The funny thing is the spa has plenty of their own retail products to boot and that doesn’t fade the arbonne lady. Amazing.

The only thing I can see why beauty mlm’s popped up is that there is a gap in my industry where lots of skin care lines make you buy in bulk with an average of $500 minimum in products, or have a 1 product only spa which limits your clientele in my opinion. However, with so much on the Internet today, we can buy stuff wherever we want. I added the numbers up and an mlmer’s dream via arbonne eventually was to get $500 out of one person. So it never added up being a savings at all, as they said, it would be since most spa beauty lines make you pay $500 right off the bat.

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