I knew you had to bring up the Star Trek analogy sometime soon, lol

That’s okay my husband who is also a techie said that a “drone” was a good word. Randy saw me headed in that direction and he was starting to get on my nerves and I realized he was trying to bring me back from drone ville now. I am not mad at him any more for doing what he did. He was saving me. I had half my family on my case. Even the ones I thought didn’t care. So just goes to show you how you can connect with people on different levels once you find out what they are concerned about. I used to think this group was a bit on the rough side, but I realized they where trying to get thru to me so I do not have any hard feelings.

Btw, my former arbonne upline is still trying to sell arbonne at a spa where she said she quit doing massage a year ago. She sits and waits in the reception area waiting for people to give a demo to. The spa doesn’t want her there and they have asked her to leave many times. The deal was once she left, arbonne left to. That just goes to show you how brain washed mlm’s can get you. I think they should send the cops over and kick her ass out and put a restraining order on this woman. She was already out of it before she joined arbonne. This woman needs meds and some serious help. People are just feeling sorry for her.
Any suggestions for the spa?

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