My take on it is that it is, indeed, a sales pitch

But, to me it seems to be a pitch for the training materials and seminars that all MLMs require you to invest in. This is a very typical lead in for all of the “non-products” they always want you to buy and an attempt to justify it. I just want to say to this poster […]

As I said, I’m not trying to be cold or unfeeling

I’ve seen a lot of problems like this, including dealing with an alcoholic in my own family who didn’t “wake up” until literally waking up one morning in a psych ward in an area of town she thought was the local ghetto (actually, it has some nice houses there, including some pre-Civil War historical sites […]

An excellent point

There are many of us here who say all MLMs are bad, some think a few are okay, like Pampered Chef or maybe Avon (and I do know some here who have sent me links about bad situations in Avon), or maybe one or two others. Deb, who is someone I know I respect and […]

My final question is to ask WHY you are here

You’ve read the blog description and new member rules…you KNOW why WE are here. Why then did YOU seek this blog out to defend MLMs? Its been mentioned before at pro MLM posts, that what you are doing is similar to attending AA meetings to convince the folks there that they have it all wrong […]

I’m just wondering why there is always that assumption that anyone against MLM’s

isn’t prepared to work hard? Just my interpretation of the comments made. Actually, I KNOW why – it is SOP for distributors to promote that old “anyone who fails at MLMs, just didn’t work hard enough, think positively enough, didn’t want it bad enough”, etc.. As if we all haven’t heard it a thousand and […]

I’m sure whatever new stuff that’s going on there

I’ll find out about this week. My “upline” is at Winter Conference this weekend. They always come back and tell me how much and what I missed. You know I can’t avoid them because I work my day job with them. I’ll let you all know if I hear anything. Now for the lowering of […]

By this logic

if I work in an electronics store and sell, say, GPS units, I am only qualified to sell the brand that I use, not the one that might be best suited for each particular customer I encounter? I cannot have used or tried them all. It’s not possible for one store to stock them all. […]

I just had a talk with my mom today

She was originally in the True North leg of AmQuix. Now it appears all the higher ups are bailing on Quixtar/Amway. Their new thing, according to Mark Crawford, their leader, is going to be strictly promoting and selling leadership materials, books and cd’s. Now they are not even going to try to hide behind Amway […]

Its not really that complicated

I am going to be courteous because Hal suggested we should be 🙂 Since all you good MLMers insist on comparing MLMs to traditional businesses, let me just say – In traditional “brick and mortar” operations the money always flows into the organization from outside – ALWAYS! More of this money goes to the top, […]

No problem PW, thank you

Thanks Hal for all your suggestions and everyone. It’s alot of info to go thru, but I got it. I had my hair dresser and my contractor on my case about the arbonne mlm to,lol. No one led up on me:) So everyone helped out, even people I didn’t expect. I will call my friend […]