An excellent point

There are many of us here who say all MLMs are bad, some think a few are okay, like Pampered Chef or maybe Avon (and I do know some here who have sent me links about bad situations in Avon), or maybe one or two others. Deb, who is someone I know I respect and whom many of us do respect and hold in high regard, has told us often about her Grandfather and how he was in Amway when the recruiting point was that if you could sell some of the products, you could earn a few extra bucks a month. It wasn’t about getting rich, but about adding something to your income. At one time Amway was actually a functional MLM.

The point is that there are people here of broad opinions, but the email from iam_tam was definitely one-sided. I know the author (is Tam a man or woman?) thinks his/her point of view is balanced, but it isn’t.
There were many comments and thought patterns in that email that are a dead give-away about the author’s point of view. It’s an example of denial. “You guys are one sided because you don’t like what I say,” but the truth is that Tam’s email is quite one sided and I would hope Tam would pay attention to what has been said in response. I asked others to speak without malice, and I tried to, because my hope would be that this person, who has been in MLMs for 20 years but can’t cite any significant success, would read our comments and just possibly consider them and not consider us all “against” him/her.

I hope, but don’t know, if Tam is capable of stepping back and taking a balanced view of this topic.

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