I’m just wondering why there is always that assumption that anyone against MLM’s

isn’t prepared to work hard? Just my interpretation of the comments made. Actually, I KNOW why – it is SOP for distributors to promote that old “anyone who fails at MLMs, just didn’t work hard enough, think positively enough, didn’t want it bad enough”, etc.. As if we all haven’t heard it a thousand and one times before.

Honestly, its so very typical of drone behavior – those that have been assimilated, that there’s NO way the term “neutral” can come into play..

Actually, it is accurate, unless of course you don’t want to be confused with the facts. And don’t be mislead by the statistics put out by most MLM companies. You need to look at the fine print as it is stated that the commissions paid numbers do NOT include ANYONE who has dropped out.
Kinda skews the numbers, ey?

As others have pointed out, completely false. And even if it were true, its still a MUCH higher success rate than MLMs.

Oh please.

So all those that fail at MLM are either A) not business saavy enough or B) have work ethic issues and expect hand outs? If you had spent any REAL time on this list, you would know that quite a number of people here were successful at MLMs and WALKED AWAY (some from 6 figure incomes) once they learned the truth about how MLMs work.

One truth is that MLMs can not work without that 98+% failure rate. MLM commissions are paid from those loyal drones who buy product monthly and do not receive any commission. These MLM “failures” are needed to make the commission structure work. Without them, MLMs would fail. If even 20% were successful, my guess is that the industry would crumble.

I would love for someone more saavy with numbers than I, to do a statistical study/projection on it.

I’m sure whatever new stuff that’s going on there

I’ll find out about this week. My “upline” is at Winter Conference this weekend. They always come back and tell me how much and what I missed. You know I can’t avoid them because I work my day job with them. I’ll let you all know if I hear anything. Now for the lowering of prices… there are a few things I found out about like the ladies skin care that they changed and supposedly lowered prices on. Their thought pattern was to really make that more competitive with the other brands out there… I personally wonder if this whole thing is hanging on by a thin thread. So many people are starting to jump ship. But I’m sure those big pins at the conference will reinforce everyone to “just listen to your upline, they know what’s best for you.” Wonder how long that will work..