The use of drone is quite intentional

As I mentioned in a previous post, I won’t be using the names I love to use for these companies (like Quackstar or Scamway) and instead use rather easily understood abbreviations (like QS or QX for the former and AW for the latter) because a point comes across much better if you’re not using weird names. I do tend to still use terms like upslime and drones when appropriate. Upslime fits if you’re describing certain types of people and drone is often appropriate.

I never used the term drone much until the Borg showed up on Star Trek:
The Next Generation. It wasn’t long after that I got a call from the head of a writer’s agency saying that one of the exec producers at Trek had read and loved a spec script I sent in. Unfortunately, it paralleled some stories they had in development. (It was about the Captain’s half-Romulan daughter and they were doing a story about a dead crew members half-Romulan daughter.) I did get invited to pitch stories to them and that only ended when they shut the door on all freelance writers. I had a few stories that tangentially involved the Borg, so I had to do a lot of thinking about them.

For those who haven’t seen the show, the Borg are cyborgs: mostly human (or some kind of alien) but with so many computer implants in them that there is no individual thought. The Borg is a collective and if one member comes at you and you kill them, the next one, without any fear and especially without any independent thought, will turn and come after you as well. Eventually you’ll be overwhelmed by them since killing one doesn’t stop the others. These people that have been “Borged” are controlled by the hive Queen (or whatever Borg controls that ship), so they don’t think. They do exactly what they are told. Their thoughts are those of the collective. If they are separated, they do not know how to behave and their first thought is to return to the collective.

To me, that’s a perfect description of a blog members. They are drones and I realized that as I watched my then-girlfriend who was literally a genius learn their ways and forget how to think independently.

And for any blog members reading this who say that’s not true, who decides what is on sale? Who decides what your business plan should be? Who tells you how to present your plan? Who tells you how to recruit? Who tells you how to sell? What decisions do you make? Can you decide to go or not to go to an event? If you decide not to go, will they put pressure on you to go? (If you think they won’t, then decide not to go to one just to test it out and don’t go — see what kind of support you get then. If you think I’m wrong, prove it!) Do you decide what products your business will carry or are you told? What actual independent choices do you make where you are not actually following your upline?

Yes, that’s why I call blog members drones. Wake up and smell the freedom of independent thought!