Don’t know about the specific symptoms you mention

but I believe my AmQuix sister has in the past suffered from severe cognitive dissonance, which must have caused her great stress. Apparently she used to get stomachaches before coming to visit the rest of the family. While with us, she would be REALLY tense, I believe because she was supposed to espouse religious/political/business beliefs that are quite different from how we were raised.

I also have beliefs that differ significantly from my parents, but I came to them on my own, so I feel quite comfortable with them. My sister, on the other hand, has been told to believe these things that I think go against who she really is. Because of this inner turmoil, she has in the past gotten really upset when she feels we are challenging those beliefs. We’ve had to be careful to avoid going anywhere near religious/political/business topics in her presence.

Things seem to be improving, though. At our last family get-together, everything seemed fine. The event only lasted a few hours, but it was a good start. There are signs that she is getting out of the business, though her husband is still half-heartedly in.