I was discussing something with another blog members and thought I’d bring it up here

In MLMs there is, as we know, a high level of denial, but there is also a high level of stress. Put the two together and there’s literally a high level of hidden stress. MLM drones are in an MLM, doing what they’re told and feel they should be making a lot of money but aren’t.
At the same time they’re supposed to act like they’re doing well and, as just mentioned, they aren’t.

This hiding the stress and saying one thing will experiencing another can cause a high level of stress, which is not good for a person’s body.

Has anyone noticed many signs of stress in MLM members they know? Any need for more sleep, depression (which they’ll try to mask), or unexplained and chronic aches or pains or a higher than normal occurrence sicknesses?

Just curious about this, but if there are any patterns it might be interesting to see what comes up.